Sunday, July 13, 2008

Making progress...

With my family off on holiday tomorrow we headed over to my Mum's with all the children. Another reason for the family reunion is because it's my Mum's birthday whilst they are away, where we had all combined to get her a new camera we wanted to give it to her before she went away. Most of the action took place in the garden with various activities in full flow, mainly football which seemed to get everyone taking shots at my Son.

Making Progress..

Earlier in the day the children's mother had provided me with a copy of my daughter's end of year report so like I did with the Boy I am going to write a summary here. Her report is in a different format to his beginning with the teachers comments about her academic progress, behaviour, attitude towards school, personal and social development, personal, social and education, homework, contributions to school life and special achievements. It goes on to mention her imagination when writing and how she adds detail to make the stories more interesting. A future blogger in the making so it seems!!

The report is very complimentary saying that she is a happy and friendly girl with a good sense of humour. That she works well with other children and is helpful around the classroom. Her English and Science grades show that she is making good progress. In English her reading is fluent and sounds out the words, her writing as I have stated earlier is very strong. In Science she can plan investigations and collect results, observing and comparing objects, living things and events. Her ICT (computer) skills appear to need to be concentrated on more and I am sure I can assist her in this area.

Overall she is above average and in the remaining foundation subjects she has shown control and coordination in physical education. Has been able to express herself through Art and Design, Music and Religious Education. Showing a good understanding of Geography and History and able to plan and describe her work in Design Technology.

The only area for improvement that stood out for me is her attendance as she has had a few absences but this is a minor gripe. She is showing real potential and her teacher feels that if she continues to listen and work hard she will make good progress. I think so as well!