Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Work

Wii SportsImage via WikipediaToday was my company training day, actually it's more of a team building exercise as we are set an activity provided with alcohol and left to bond with our peers! A recipe for disaster you might be thinking and this has been the case previously on such events. I was optimistic about the event as there was Bowling, Table Football, Mini Golf, Karaoke, Ping Pong, Pool and Fruit Machines. That was until it became apparent that spirits and cocktails weren't part of the free bar, we could obviously pay but that's not what it's about. Not much of a beer drinker I started on a glass of wine and was pulled into a game of bowling.

Not much of a bowler I absolutely nailed it, not sure whether it's due to playing Wii Sports or because we were the end aisle and I was positioning myself so that I wouldn't full off the edge. Anyway I scored 144 and from what I saw this wasn't beaten through the whole days play! I began drinking an energy drink that had an interesting name used to describe part of the female anatomy and then from here moved on to the off license. I know very wrong, cheaper than buying from the bar though!

I tried my hand at Pool and Table Football and failed miserably, Mini Golf was a non starter as it was basically just a putting green that didn't work. Karaoke was a success but the last time I sung Karaoke I was in a Bar and jumped and hit my head on the ceiling so didn't participate here! A lot of my work colleagues were loving the alcohol available, some more than others as they were really out of the game. I tried to remain composed as if anything goes pear shaped it's my job on the line!

The day was a lot of fun although in regards to team building I didn't feel I enhanced my relationship with anyone. I felt that people ended up in the same groups (floors) as usual and it would have been good to push the barriers. Maybe split people up into teams in Bowling/Pool to see who could score the most as previously at another work event we took part in Go Karting and this was a huge success. I left around 6PM and there was no real scandal up until then but I am sure come Monday if anything happened it will soon circulate!
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