Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...that would of been well cheaper!!

Last few days have been full of activity, Sunday I got a kitten and although at first it was supposed to me a surprise present it hasn't worked out that way. In all fairness I don't think that me and animals have a very good understanding! When I was a child I was in the World Wildlife Fund - not to be mistaken with wrestling - I received regular updates and I thought that I would be the modern day Noah.

I'm sure in London it rains more than it did for him! Anyway it's not quite worked out for me, even less with the kitten as it's really scared of me. When the package was delivered it made it's way out of the box and under the cabinet it stayed for the rest if the day. I ventured out to get the usual kitten essentials, unluckily they had sold out of litter trays so I improvised and got a paint tray. Not the best start or welcome to the family for the kitten. It did eventually make an appearance in the evening but that was only to eat before hiding again!

As my family have been away, we've been keeping an eye on my brother's house. I went over there for the first time on Sunday and I was shocked at what I saw. Not that it had been burgled just the way they had left the house so inviting. The back window was cracked and just outside the backdoor was a hammer and chisel. That's bad enough but then looking through the window you can see a notice board with details of the holiday and the flight times. My jaw literally dropped!!

Yesterday my eldest brother down from me moved out, he hasn't moved too far only around the corner. I envy him as he has his head screwed on and has ended up in a good financial position. Although his head isn't screwed on that well as just as I was catching the train I received a call to inform me that he hadn't brought his two forms of identification required for the removal van. I came to the rescue and brought over the required documents. After work I went over to his place and it's really nice and in a good location as well. At least for the time being with him moving on I will have a bedroom! My plan is to also get a flat at a similar price but for the present I am heading away next week for a much needed break and next month I have the car MOT so before Christmas is the realistic target!

The family all arrived home as well yesterday and they were all looking golden brown and carrying with them the freshness that comes with a holiday! My poor mum was having trouble moving about as she had broken her ankle whilst away. They got a good break though as on the final day they won a return trip back to Turkey. Every cloud has a silver lining so it seems! They were excited about seeing the kitten and although it was more curious it wasn't going to be held for long and soon made a swift retreat to hide. Tonight we shall be taking our seats in the front row at the Hammersmith Apollo to watch the High School Musical!!