Friday, July 04, 2008

Update Your Status

Following on from yesterday's post about being the latest Twitter alternative, after acquiring our username, adding our friends and associates and trying the features it always seems to end up with the outcome being it's better the Devil you know. Twitter with all of it's well publicised downtimes and outages has the ingredients, even though other micro blogging sites offer new flavours it can't tempt the faithful to leave Twitter permanently.

Thinking about it there is a gap in the market here should a developer seek to exploit it as we need something like a friend pool. A place where we can add all of our trusted contacts and when we sign up to the latest clone/killer app it just requires a log in and then all of these friends are sent an invitation or automatically added. I am sure this would prove to be popular although I see the problem being integration available at launch otherwise they will miss the peak!

Another issue raised is with comment fragmentation and where our conversation is no longer centralized, Alexander Vanelsas provides a great post explaining this further. Publishing a blog entry we have sites like Disqus, Intense Debate etc which are alternatives to the blog comments and then there is also FriendFeed, Twitter etc to take the conversation further.

Introducing Ping.FM which has already added integration - 17 services in total at the moment - that allows for fragmentation at the other end of the spectrum. provides the ability to update a status to multiple destinations, this raises the fact that maybe our online presence is spread to thinly across multiple profiles. This isn't likely to change as people aren't going to change habit, the holy grail is what we all seek! I added the Facebook application for and although I can update to multiple destinations individually it is one way with no real engagement. Basically I am spamming my friends with what I am doing, the likelihood of a source using it for that purpose is conceivable. Especially with lifestreaming sites like FriendFeed available and being the destination of a multitude of services. I am off to vent to all of my sites to anyone that wants to listen...

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