Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here and there!

Today was a day to remember for the children, my daughter got her Pony Club membership through the post this morning and was really excited. Boy on the other hand was fully focused for Presentation Day at football and didn't disappoint. The first two matches he played he was strong and running around really challenging for the ball. After the break he wasn't as prolific as before but a boy on his team who regularly finds the back of the net made it a good mornings work for the green team.

When the presentation came around all of the children were gathered together and the adults stood cheering as each name was called for the certificates. Then came the awards and as the coach listed what deserved the accolade of Team Player he mentioned that the winner was a person with a lot of character and a joy to train. Then he called out Boy's name and it was a good day at the office for him as he held his award aloft.

Pony Club wasn't as I had expected as I thought that all the activity would take place on the main forecourt but as we arrived all of the girls were lead away to the stables. We waited for her return watching the older riders do the usual laps, I think he lost interest in my conversation and went off to play with a little girl. When my daughter eventually emerged from the stables to take the Pony's out to a nearby field she returned to us to detail what she had done. Informing us of the stable layout and how she would learn how to look after the Pony's. Judging by her membership booklet there is a lot of knowledge she can obtain from attending Pony Club. Both of them already looking forward to next week, with the summer holidays upon them now I'll have to try and arrange for them to participate during the week as well!