Friday, July 25, 2008


Going through the process of a major clothing overhaul at the moment, I met up with my estranged partner and Baby to go shopping. We're Lily-Allen-and-Ed-Simons-ing FTW!! We nearly had a fail at the start as we didn't have a car seat but after rectifying this we were soon looking through the sales. The credit crunch has affected the stores so the sales are really generous, I have been making full use of ASOS and the offers on their site lately. They don't have children's clothing available there though which is a shame but if they were to start I would definitely use it. Instead H&M was the way this evening as this is where we got the most clothing for the kids. There was a large queue waiting to claim their place for the Dark Knight which made me jealous. I wanted to be there waiting with them to watch the movie! All the reviews have been very positive so I may be tempted to see it a couple of times on the big screen!
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