Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reach for the skies

Came across an imported story on FriendFeed earlier about Pixar, the article from Rotten Tomatoes gave a glimpse into their working environment. It looks like an amazing place to work, I really like the below image of the Garden Shed that one employee was working inside. I haven't managed to catch their latest movie Wall-E yet but I will definitely catch it soon with all the children. Maybe when we are away for the week as it would give us something to do one afternoon.

The animation department are currently hard at work on Toy Story 3, Up which I expect will be equally as good. On the subject of Garden Shed's I am having my children stay over with me tonight as they have broken up from school and we have been playing Hide n Seek. I decided to give them a chance that I would count in the Shed before going looking for them, bad idea as they saw this as an opportunist moment!


Away from the transfer speculation surrounding him, Christiano Ronaldo is currently in LA on holiday. The lifestyle of a 'slave' is very hard, I feel sorry for him, really I do as my summer holiday with the children to Leysdown puts his in the shade for sure. The press have been following him about as he continues his recuperation from his injury and one of the top stories this evening is his choice in clothing. I don't think he looks that bad, the orange skin maybe a stretch too far though!

Status Updates

With Twhirl recently adding support for it was only going to be a matter of time before the service was introduced to FriendFeed. That has now been added along with Plurk support bringing them both into our stream. This replaces the need for users who had been importing the RSS feed from the services so that these are now clearly defined. Those users using remember that updating multiple accounts now will see these duplicated through FriendFeed if you choose to import all of your micro-blogging sites!