Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back in the Saddle!

There has been a real curb in activity lately with the children's hobbies as they have been preoccupied with holidays. Today as the children had returned from their latest holiday I took them to horse riding. My Boy rode his bike while my daughter rode one of the horses, no Pony Club on Sunday but she was more than happy with the riding lesson.

After riding, with the new school term starting on Tuesday I took them to get their school uniforms. Wish that I had done so earlier in the six weeks off as there was a lack of clothing available and the items that were there were limited. Still managed to get most of what was required and will get the rest when I get the chance through the week. After dropping them home I went to see my partner and after talking for a while I decided to come home and just reading reports on Hurricane Gustav. Thankful that we don't get severe storms like that here in the UK!