Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back to Earth

no original descriptionImage via WikipediaGoing to take a few days to catch up but I am just in the process of uploading all of my holiday photo's. Today was a constant rush, I feel like I have been cleaning for 24 hours and have made several journey's to the launderette today. Paying £5 to wash and dry a load, got to love the back to basic way of life and then all of your clothes coming out stained in powder. The children helped immensely leaving a trail of mess behind them. Got collared for parking my car outside the caravan to load it up but you when some you lose some I guess. Did want to head down to the beach today but the weather wasn't looking overly amazing and it soon poured so glad that we choose to clean up! Just catching up on feeds, stories, tweets etc. No doubt I will be appearing in your inbox in one form or another shortly...
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