Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What ever happened?!

The Strokes live at Stubb's March 14th night b...Image via Wikipedia I have found myself really getting into the Strokes, when the hype wagon originally rolled into the UK I missed out as I was away chasing other sounds. Now through the power of the Internet and Last.fm introducing me to new/similar music I am hooked. Borrowed the albums from my brother and I have been listening to them and really digging their sound.

I have read through NME that their next album could possibly have Pharrell as a producer, that would be awesome as with his vision and their sound it could be special. Favourite tune at the moment is What Ever Happened? Love it although I have found on Last.fm there are a couple of tunes from other artists that have climbed my most played list due to being likened to everything. Don't get me wrong the artists are great but the songs climbing aren't necessarily what I would consider the best releases. Anyway just sitting back now to listen and enjoy.
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