Saturday, August 30, 2008

You Will Respect My Authoritah!

He waits... because that's what he does... and I tell you what... I am experiencing deja vu as I have this all too familiar feeling that I have been here before. Presented with a situation that went wrong before you hope that you are better equipped to handle what is in front of you second time around but as before it's completely out of my hands. Been trying to get my head around everything lately but it's not easy. Yesterday leading onto today has been annoying, pathetic, crazy, [insert]... It's tiring, I feel that I am being judged on every action and it's become an unattainable situation where no middle ground can be reached.

I did want to head over and work things out but instead it was a no fly zone so I went shopping to see what could tempt me. I have decided to end my love affair with Sony Ericsson handsets after two years and instead I am leaning on the iPhone. Even with it's problems it's a really impressive handset and it's all about the App Store FTW! The downside is that I won't be able to send or receive MMS and the camera is 2MP compared to the 5MP of the Sony Ericsson handset. To be fair though I am leaning away from camera-phones and looking at getting myself a decent camera. The Canon EOS 450D has caught my attention although for nights out it isn't very practical but then I suppose in that instance I could just use the iPhone camera. Even with my head full of all the possibilities there was no money spent until I got my hands on a pair of skinny jeans reduced from £40 to £4.99, back of the net!