Thursday, August 21, 2008

House Proud!

Today was a mad one, worked quite late as I needed to help my colleague complete an assignment. Have some work I also need to catch up on and I am hopeful that tomorrow will be the day. I have a friend going through some personal problems at the moment and he called me up today and it was difficult trying to get through to him. He seems to feel as if he is really isolated but hopefully he will realise that all his friends and family are around him looking to offer support. If you are reading this call me whenever you need somebody to speak to buddy!

Last night I saw my children for a few hours and instead of going wild we crashed out and watched a program on trawlers. Not the usual shows I follow but it was informative for them as they were full of questions. Apparently they must see their Dad as a man of the sea made from the same mould as Captain Jack Sparrow ha! These guys were amazing and I was left open mouthed at the amount of money one of the trawler crews lost on one fishing expedition.

Football, well not much I can say about the match as I don't have Setanta but different manager
same old England and it just isn't working for this generation of players. The game finished 2-2 and it's a decent result considering where we find ourselves at the moment. Hopefully we can turn it around next month what with the World Cup qualifiers and hit some form.

Finally onto John McCain and for a man that doesn't know how many houses he owns do Americans really want someone like this running their country? Over to you Obama...

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