Friday, August 15, 2008

Public Relations

Had a few deadlines to finish at work today, the first I managed to reach an advanced stage last night as I stayed back a couple of hours. Monitoring repeat calls that our customer service department had dealt with and seeing if trends were obvious. The other matters were largely loose ends that needed to be finalised. Had a lot going on lately so after work with my partner going to her parents for the week I decided to meet up with some friends after work next door.

The discussions to start off with were about situations that we got into when we were drunk. I figured that I would take a back seat here as I have ended up in some weird and wonderful places when drunk. Their stories were good and we had a few laughs at each others expense. Then as the conversations weaved it's way through relationships and children to movies we eventually found ourselves talking about cloud computing. The wonders of conversation!!

After navigating the trains home I spoke to my children's mother who wanted me to pick them up from a family event that she was attending. It would be easier this way as in the morning would be a lot of running about otherwise. I arrived after collecting my car and walked into the 'facility', there were her family all dancing and singing. They fail to recognise who I am until I start talking to my daughter. After speaking briefly to everyone I jump into the car and head home where they children crash out almost straight away.

Talking to my partner later we are still a distance from where we want to be in terms of a relationship but I am confident we will get there. It is difficult with all of the factors involved but we need to move forwards not sideways!