Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tea Spoon

Went to my friend's daughters birthday today, haven't really seen many of my friends over the last year and it was clear to see that they had all been breeding. There were several toddlers, my friend's daughter being one of the youngest celebrating her first birthday. Our journey to the party was the usual long fiasco, I am so bad at planning anything it's unbelievable. Did manage to get the present yesterday but fell short on getting wrapping paper and a card so had to collect these on the way. That was all after Baby had been dropped off as she was staying at her Aunts for the night. The older children weren't on the scene as they are away on holiday but we still come strong with the representation.

My friend has done alright for himself getting a nice place and the view was wicked right out over the Thames looking towards the Dartford Bridge. The children played mostly in the garden, the bouncy castle being the most desired although you could feel that the older kids (me and my friends) all wanted to participate as well and that turned out to be the case later. After playing pass-the-parcel and unwrapping the presents we headed home. Wouldn't have minded having a drink at the party but the sensible parent knows that boozers are schmoozers!