Sunday, August 17, 2008

New season, new era!

Club crest 1953–1986Image via Wikipedia Really happy with the start to the football season especially as Chelsea managed to lay down a marker. Lets hope all the good work today isn't undone next weekend, what with the International friendly in the middle. What is the point in this fixture as it's a waste of time and has no real importance. Although arguably now with the build up to the World Cup it will be portrayed as a warm up but it's more of a disruption than anything else. I send out a cheer in the direction of Deco as I have been looking forward to seeing him in a blue shirt and he didn't disappoint. Not going to get a shirt for a while as I blame myself for Shevchenko under achieving in West London due to getting his name and number on the back. Was great to see Big Phil full of emotion on the bench, I am looking forward to cheering on his team and let's hope more of the same will follow and on a regular basis!!

I didn't watch the United match but listened to it in the car journey down to Herne Bay for the evening. A late one admittedly but it was for the good of the cause. Thumbs up to United, hopefully they won't have it all their own way this season and they have a lot of distractions to come with the additional competitions and missing players! After dinner we settled down to watch Hellboy, great movie but I am expecting bigger from the sequel and it does look good. Would appreciate some feedback if anyone has seen it so far? My journey home was long as I was tired but I achieved a personal milestone in passing the 100,000 mile mark on my car speed-o-meter so it should be worn in now? Time for a new cam belt I reckon!!

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