Thursday, August 07, 2008

Late night for the Dark Knight!

Even though we brought enough clothes I figured that I would keep on top of the washing, with the weather being gloomy it meant that I had to improvise with the drying... After a slow start we moved on to Herne Bay to make use of the arcade machines, the children were on a mission to win as much as possible and we were lucky that one of the workers was easy going as he loaded us up with goods.

Later that evening we went to watch the Dark Knight and everything I have read about the movie and the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker was proved to be correct. Excellent movie and one that I will watch many times again as it was truly captivating viewing. The way that Batman is portrayed as a vigilante and not a hero and how chillingly the Joker weaves his path of destruction. I have shared some footage on my Facebook/FriendFeed profiles if you want to watch the action but I suggest heading to your local Theatre/Cinema/IMAX while the movie is showing and watch it in full!!

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