Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rule Britannia

Tonight I was a victim of broken Britain, you read about it on an all too regular basis online and in the newspapers but you don't think that it will happen to you. Stories of crime and anti social behaviour are all too familiar now. What happened to me was totally unprovoked and took me by surprise.There I was minding my own business when suddenly I was attacked by a youth from behind wielding a knife. I had earlier got some cabinets that I was putting together indoors when all of a sudden a knife caught my attention and I moved out of the way as it was waved in my direction...

The terrible two's are such hard work, I had forgotten how difficult it can be to be around a child struggling for the right way to express themselves. When the pink plastic knife was thrust in my direction I was overwhelmed by fear and dived for cover grabbing a pillow to act as my shield. Crazy times but what's certain is I am going to watch my back now ha! I jest as really she was trying to help me and seeing me using a screwdriver she improvised with the plastic knife ;-)