Friday, August 22, 2008

Work 2.0

It's been interesting participating online as companies evolve to accommodate what web 2.0 offers, as social media goes beyond just networking between friends and companies embrace what is available to them. My company is no different although I wondered how a leading global investment bank would incorporate the tools and platforms required.

Internally is where the momentum is and since the introduction of our open source content management system for the intranet and other applications it was only a matter of time before a blog was considered. I wasn't involved in the meeting that put forward the concept but I have been handed ownership. Apparently people at my company believe me to be ideally positioned to overlook this and I will also moderate what is available in much the same way as I did on

This will be internal unlike our partner company who have their blog publicly available. I noticed when reading through that they have also experimented with Digg as one of their posts had been dugg four times. I have had a lot of interaction with Digg over the last year and it's not all about the content but more a case of who you know so I will share what I have learnt about bookmarking and raising awareness when back to work next week.

I am excited to have been handed this project and it comes as a compliment as well because it shows how far I have come since I started this blog. In the beginning it was about my nights out with friends and my struggles after breaking with my children's mother. Then as I became more settled in my current relationship I have wrote about my family, sport and my interests in technology and the advancements we are making with the Internet.

To be given this opportunity in a sense shows that my company also shares the same engagement and curiosity as myself to move forward. Where I am always looking to pursue technology that will benefit my web presence my company are also looking to accommodate for the future and improve our working environment. I am going to make sure that I add a few subliminal messages 'pay rise, pay rise' tongue-in-cheek! ;-)