Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For the record..

Lots of excitement and activity taking place, what with my family life, work and the Olympics. Team GB doing really well so far and looking like achieving a record medal haul which will set us up nicely for 2012. After the week away on holiday last week I am still struggling to adjust back into my online routine. Instead I have found myself reading a lot more, the Bigfoot story, Facebook and it's continued attempts to become FriendFeed, the Olympics and general tech/news stories which help pass the day. Actually I feel that my lifestream activity has taken over my blogging and socialising but then sharing a story is easier than writing my own!!

With my children on holiday with their mother next week I decided that I would take the time to see them tonight. They were full of energy and no sooner had I come through the front door they were pulling me back out with their bikes to play down the park. The evening held out as it did look like it was going to pour but we were lucky and got to stay for a while before heading home!