Sunday, August 10, 2008

Strategic game of wits...

Chess game and play clock with the pieces in t...Image via WikipediaThe children stayed with me again last night, today though they went back to their mother which was a real blow. The holiday was great but I wish it had been longer although I know they were really missing her as the week drew into the later stages. I feel for their situation, it's not something I know with growing up being divided between two places. They do well as they have adjusted to the set up. As their mother picked them up they were full of excitement in seeing her and telling her what they had bought and where they had been. They were all going for a meal with her fella and his son, leaving me not knowing what to do with myself for a few minutes as from running about after them and checking them quiet fell on the house.

From here I headed over to my sister's to pick up the kitten to take over to my Girl's. Not sure if she is overly made up that she wants to keep it but should be a laugh for the next couple of days at least. Currently it's like a strategic game of wits between the kitten and puppy as they circle each other with curiosity. Smart money is on the kitten on form as it's defining the Reverend And The Makers although I am certain puppy has more in the locker!
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