Friday, August 29, 2008

Is it over yet?

Windows VistaImage via Wikipedia Another working month over and tonight I had to stay back late to finish off statistics for my department. I have quite a few open projects at the moment and today wasn't ideal in getting on top of everything. Firstly I had a product re branding meeting that took up the early part of my day. I was familiar with the product as I had tested it before the first launch and not too much has changed really but still had to attend.

After the meeting I figured that after making a few calls I would be able to start working away on some of my other stuff. Well what I could do as I have to complete a partner migration which was supposed to be today but have not received the correct update material yet. After a few calls I figured the final one would allow me to free up my afternoon. Three hours later and there goes the evening, although the positive from this was that I am now able to take ownership of anything on Vista. This makes me very dangerous so please do not approach me as I will go all Chuck Norris on you!

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