Monday, August 25, 2008

Connecting people...

Trevor NelsonImage via Wikipedia Today with the almost daily confusion surrounding my long term objectives, I decided to visit Lakeside and the capital of Sweden, Ikea! The car journey was good as we were listening to the sounds coming from Notting Hill Carnival courtesy of Radio One.

How many times did Trevor Nelson state that he was a veteran of the Carnival scene. Somebody give him a purple heart as he deserves it for his contribution. The stand out tune for me was from Lil Wayne - A Millie which sounded really good in the car and I reckon even better on a top system like those available over West London!

We shopped about for a while, I ran a few questions by one of the workers in the O2 shop and seriously this women was of no help at all. If you want to speak to an O2 representative avoid Lakeside as she was very poor and looked totally uninterested. May I suggest Monster or Reed as you are not in the right career my dear! Our day ended in the Swedish capital and I got a rough idea of where I want to be but I am also further away from my destination. Taxi!!!

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