Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Apple Announcements

Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Really into my iPhone at the moment, I haven't even had it a week yet but already I have found that I am totally dependant on the device. The always connected Apps allow me to check my Social sites and keep up to date with everything at 3G speed as well. Today Apple hosted an event in San Francisco where they announced three new products. No not a new iPhone already thankfully but instead an update to iTunes [iTunes 8], a new iPod Nano and also an updated iPod Touch. They also announced that they are to be releasing a patch for the iPhone addressing dropped calls, reception issues, and app-related crashes.

iTunes 8 was released shortly after the even and can be downloaded here. Firstly a new album art grid layout is available, when clicking on an artist with multiple albums it provides them in a list view like in previous versions. The most significant new feature are the new Genius Playlists, a feature that promises to create great playlists for you based on the music in your library [Source]. The updates to the iPod Nano and iPod Touch look very impressive and with the Nano coming in a range of colours you know that they are going to be a popular present this year.

Finishing with the iPhone, already there have been 100,000,000 downloads (in 60 days) from the App store which is amazing. Jobs said that the App Store was available in 62 countries now. And that there are about 700 games in the App Store. After showing off Need for Speed Undercover on the iPhone and the new on-screen d-pad from Gameloft he stated "Now you can make a pretty good argument that it is the best portable device for playing games on - and a whole new class of games". Over to you Nintendo and Sony as I am sure they will have something to say about that statement!!

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