Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wacky Races

Diagram of Singapore Street Circuit.Image via WikipediaIn the red corner we have the economy, after several brutal rounds it's not looking like it can take much more. Holding on and waiting for Congress the corner to throw in the [$700b] towel and save it from defeat. The economy hasn't been out of the news lately and every where you turn you can see the effects of the credit crunch. Not to be out done by the madness the sporting world has just witnessed an unbelievable weekend of action.

In the Premier League Hull City achieved an incredible feat by beating Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. They outplayed them as well in stages during the game and Arsenal's game plan seemed to be exploiting Walcott's pace down the right channel. This was effective in the goal but predictable and City were able to hold strong and although Arsenal had some decent long range efforts the result was deserved I felt. At least one City are looking strong as the richest club in the World Manchester City have been shown to be very ordinary in their last two games. At least Chelsea are back at the top of the table but Liverpool are up there with us and look like genuine contenders this time around.

The Singapore Grand Prix is what I had been looking forward to and it didn't disappoint with the action that was played out over the best part of two hours. The first night race was to be very eventful and even though Massa had looked very competitive he had a nightmare. Kimi also should have had an early night and it seems now that the lights are out on him defending his F1 crown. It was all going well for Massa until the safety car came out for a Piquet incident where he lost control and put his car into the wall.

Once the pit lane re-opened all the drivers went in for their routine pit but Massa pulled away with the fuel nozzle still attached and into the path of Adrian Sutil's Force India car. What followed was incredible as it took the Ferrari team what seemed like an age to click into gear and then it was like astronauts running the 100m as they raced up to where Massa had stopped. Kimi just watched on unable to do anything. What made it even funnier is the McLaren team were spurring them all on. To top it all off Massa got a drive through penalty and then in the later stages Kimi must have nodded off and used the wall as a pillow putting himself out of the race and surely out of the championship.

It was a return to form for Alonso who must have thought that he was dreaming, winning the 20th Grand Prix of his career. He drove really well and deserved to finish at the front. In doing so reminding everyone that the two time world champion is still a decent driver. Rosberg finished second and Hamilton came in third place. Justice I feel as the point margin is how it should have been after the Belgian Grand Prix. Three races left and Hamilton is in touching distance now lets hope he can hold his nerve better than last time!

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