Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Facebook 2.0 launches for iPhone

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseThe camera was a discussion topic at work today as one of my colleagues is looking to secure one soon as well. We got to comparing the frame rate and he put on a decent demonstration for his camera and made me wish I had done my homework. He brought up some video clips and what he showed me is exactly the functionality I am looking for as being able to shoot short movies was impressive.

He wasn't so convinced with Google's Android OS although he doesn't follow as avidly as I do so wasn't able to provide as convincing argument as he did with the camera. So honours even until our next dual. Anyone want to suggest a subject?

Facebook today not only launched a new login page which will no doubt create some negativity, get a room create a Group and tell the World. Also they launched the long awaited 2.0 application for the iPhone. The update provides the features that are available on the regular Internet version of the social network. Included are;
  • The home page now features a full News Feed, along with access to filtered views of the News Feed, like Status Updates, Posted Items, Live Feed, and Events.
  • Full photo tagging and posting is now supported.
  • Notifications are now accessible for the first time.
  • Profiles now have tabs, like the Facebook website redesign.
  • Feed comments are accessible both here and on the News Feed. [source]
Being a regular user of the Facebook application my initial impressions are that it's very good. It's noted that it's more stable and reliable and I really like the new interface and being able to comment on everything like the Internet site. Not really noticed any significant problems other than the application believing that today is October 1st. Not a real problem as being in the future has it's advantages I suppose!

So what next for the Facebook application as Venture Beat note location awareness is likely to become a factor at some point. If this is the direction MySpace and Facebook are going to take social networking it will be interesting to see how they will do so considering safety, privacy and vulnerability. Big brother is watching...

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