Friday, September 26, 2008

Hi I'm Joe, Can I Take Your Name..

A panorama of 4 segments of an Amsterdam Canal...Image via WikipediaMy children stayed over last night as their mother has gone to Amsterdam for the weekend with her friends. Have to wake my son in the night as he has the weakest bladder, I lifted him when I went to bed but when I woke up this morning it was as though someone had thrown a bucket at him. He was soaked and it was not the most ideal wake up call as I had snoozed my alarm thinking that everything would be a breeze. After a shower down, order was resumed and I eventually left for work later than planned but still arrived on time. I never understand how that works out!

My work day passed with little incident, it was a laugh though! We have so many new faces at my work at the moment it's difficult to keep up with the constant changing of faces. I am a veteran and feel like part of the building as I have been there for nearly four years. There does appear to be barriers between departments which does annoy me as we're only a small company. I think my department is the most dysfunctional, some of what goes on is unbelievable. I suppose there are barriers in all company's but doesn't mean I have to accept it! Maybe people choose to have that distance in all fairness as we are like broken biscuits at times..
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