Friday, September 05, 2008

What's in a title!

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Tomorrow my mobile/cell phone contract with O2 reaches it's time for renewal, I tried upgrading last week but my eagerness was knocked back due to the strictness over the renewal date. For the last two years I have pledged allegiance to the Sony Ericsson Cybershot, with it's 5mp camera it was convenient for taking photo's when out with my friends and family. The k800i was a great phone and got me into photography, the upgrade from that was the k850i and I was largely disappointed. The quality of the images hasn't been of a standard that at times is even viewable due to the flash. This has seen a real drop in the amount of photos I have taken recently. My friends on various sites upload the majority of the photos they take to Flickr so I have made the decision to get a Canon EOS 450D as has been recommended.

Introducing the iPhone as my next phone of choice, Apple are a strong brand and the iPhone is now the bench mark in the mobile/cell phone industry. With the UI, Safari browser, camera, GPS, tilt controls, and a full developers API and App marketplace it's got a lot to offer everyone. Okay the camera is only 2mp but that hasn't stopped the phone becoming the most used to upload photo's to Flickr and by some distance as well. Take into account my decision on purchasing designated hardware [Canon EOS 450D] and the camera becomes a side feature, if it wasn't already anyway as the App marketplace really sets the iPhone apart. My decision was finalised this month as when on holiday with my family I checked a few sites whilst in the caravan and my payment this month was three times more than usual. The iPhone contract I will sign up to has unlimited Internet so no worry about my activity.

A guest post by Jesse Stay of Stay N' Alive on caught my attention earlier as he speaks about the possibility of user profiles being introduced to the iPhone. Social networking is huge and he is correct that this does have a lot of potential, with iTunes as well you have a huge userbase just waiting to be tapped into. Music, Video, Podcasts, Calls, Camera, Applications etc add location awareness, user profiles, the ability to share content and I am sure that like myself reading this you see that the possibilities are endless. First things first and tomorrow I will be finally getting my hands on the iPhone and the rest is up to you Apple!

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