Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hopelessly devoted...

After the fun yesterday with International Talk Like a Pirate Day, it was Rush Around Like a Headless Chicken Day today. I had left my house in good time to get to football but had to U-turn so as that I could get my sons shin pads otherwise they wouldn't have allowed him to play. My organisation has gone out the window a little lately but we arrived not too late. My son got into the action and was soon on the score sheet again even though today he wasn't as on the pace as previous weeks.

After football we headed over to my partners area where they were having a charity event. We took the children and whilst she had a sunbed the the rest of us took in the Bouncy Castle, Fire Engine, Unicycle Show and Boxing Ring. The Bouncy Castle was a free-for-all with children literally bouncing off of the walls like popcorn. Needless to say that mine weren't feeling the action here so we climbed aboard the Fire Engine. It must have felt like question time for the Fireman as he had a multitude of questions coming his way from all of us!

The Boxing Ring appeared to be in place so that a trainer could coach people, showing them how to put combinations together and block. My son was more interested in getting the eldest into the ring to go a few rounds with her but obviously she wasn't obliging. This disappointed him but he was soon to be distracted by the Unicycle Show which we watched until my partner arrived and from here we went on to Pony Club! The eldest is getting to know a few of the people there now so once we arrive she goes off behind the scenes to help with the chores. Occasionally we catch a glimpse of her beaming with a huge smile on her face as she walks around the Stables.

Heading out tonight we have a reserved area at Ivory Lounge, if you are in the area it would be good to see you!