Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Market Turmoil

NASDAQ in Times Square, New York City.Image via Wikipedia The forecast for the coming weeks sees more rain uncertainty...

It's widely known that last weeks experiment otherwise known as the Large Hadron Collider didn't bring the curtain down on mankind. I am sure that following on from the weekends collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank, XL Leisure Group going into administration last week and the Stock Market it's worse since 1929 that there are a few people that wish it had.

A mass of uncertainty has dominated the news and I have been monitoring the AIG situation which isn't looking good either. Today we have the news that food inflation has hit record 14.5% in the year to August and that gas [27.7%] and electricity [18%] are higher.

It's difficult times and even with reassurance that the economy is strong it still is a worry. My children are getting older and I want to be able to provide for their future and aim for them to pursue higher education. Or whatever path they choose to follow as I want to be in a position to open the door for them.

There was a story in the Metro today that brought this to the forefront of my morning thoughts which is always a productive period. The train journeys are like that as even being surrounded by everyone else navigating London's Transport to get to work I find myself in my only World. It's here I act out the role of an architect with my blueprints and try and figure out what the words attached to the pictures mean in the newspapers I read hold!

Worked late today trying to complete the design of the internal blog I have been building although the masterpiece has come at a cost. The tools at my disposal aren't ground breaking so having to pay more to incorporate comments is weak. Disappointing but it's nearly there and for a sample I have imported yesterdays entry from here to test the formatting.

After arriving locally on the train I walked home and what caught my attention is the amount of rubbish bins and recycling boxes people have in their gardens these days. Look how observant I am as not much gets passed this detective!! It is really unsightly, they should release a compact system that does everything as the array of colour is like plastic pyramids outside their houses! I suppose recycling gives people something to concentrate on to feel as though they are giving back to society that is ripping them off so much!

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