Saturday, September 06, 2008

Match Ball

After a week to forget today turned it all around, waking up late wasn't ideal because the rushing around that proceeded wasn't perfect but maybe this should be the way every Saturday. I say that because Boy was prolific at football scoring a hat-trick (three goals) and he could have had more. Apparently he has been building this up all week, psyching himself out to an extent and telling people that he was going to score. Three goals is a good return and he has set himself a target next week of reaching eight. I will make sure that I get every one of my friends from Facebook there to watch!

My daughter really has thrown herself into horse riding and Pony Club and enjoys both so much always buzzing about what she has done and where she is aiming to reach. I only wish I could pay for her to go so much longer but it would cost a small fortune. She understands and I suppose it makes her enjoyment all that more special as she appreciates the time with the horses more.

We all spent the afternoon over my Girl's and it was good to see her and baby after a difficult week. We watched a movie and the children played with their toys and relaxed with us and hopefully this will be the start of us turning it around.

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