Thursday, September 04, 2008


Image representing Robert Scoble as depicted i...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Everything needs direction, otherwise we don't know where we are headed and whether we are moving forwards, backwards or sideways. The content of my blog has changed a lot over the last few years and has weaved an intricate path as my objectives and passions have changed. I am still going to keep heading in the direction I have set myself but change is natural and something I will actively adopt. I would like to become a more active blogger and reserve the time to daily post about my family, sports, technology interests and soon photography which I am looking to embrace more.

This will all take time and how I will fit it into my already busy schedule I don't know but it's something I am looking forward to contributing to. Earlier today a post on FriendFeed [Twitter import] caught my attention where someone had made a comment on Robert Scoble a blogger, technical evangelist and author and he had responded. What amazes me is how people like Robert are such an active presence in the community as well as also being committed to reporting on the industry and spending time with family.

Robert who according to FriendFeed on the Rocks has 16,395 estimated subscribers on FriendFeed [33,584 followers on Twitter], which is a lot of noise, but he manages to keep up and respond to such posts directed his way. It's impressive how he is able to maintain the level of contribution on multiple levels, a position where a lot of people including myself would like to reach.

On the subject of change and direction the latest video on his Fast Company blog shows him talking to Mark Slee, lead product manager on the recent Facebook facelift update and the direction of the site. Mark details the changes commenting on the imported feeds and the development in general. Earlier today I came across a post over on Inside Facebook that had data showing that 60% of users had now migrated to the new site. That's a large majority when you consider that Facebook has a user base of 100m. Robert comes across as a very positive person and it's clear to see why he is such a well respected figure in the industry and why he gets to rub shoulders with the who's who. Check out the embedded video below for the interview and also a behind the scenes peak at the Facebook offices.

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