Saturday, September 13, 2008

Robinho and Nand'oh!

John Terry in action for Chelsea FCImage via Wikipedia My son kept up his scoring run today and looked very strong against the other children in his age group. I think scoring his first goal a few weeks ago made him a lot more confident and he seems to be using his head instead of running about in a dream world. Still we are yet to see him unveil his celebration, we have practised several but he is yet to let it out. My daughter went to Pony Club but was disappointed this week as the usual activities weren't that engaging and she found herself sitting and listening to the older riders speak about show jumping. She said she did enjoy just spending time with me as we drove about together

My afternoon consisted of watching the football after I had taken my daughter to home. Unfortunately every goal scored took place when I was out of the room, I was in the process of getting ready to go out but what are the chances? The game started with what I was dreading to see and that was Manchester City's new record breaking transfer finding the back of the net. The ball fired in from a deflected free kick taken by Robinho which spun into the goal after hitting Obi Mikel in the wall. Seeing him running around with his thumb in his mouth just made me angry.

Thankfully Carvalho, who must gear up for matches these days by ripping at his hair, found the back of the net within three minutes. Chelsea looked strong from here onwards but it took until the 53rd minute for Lampard to put is into the lead. This was followed by Anelka bringing the score to 3-1 and that was how the 'Middle' Eastlands clash finished. John Terry's sending off was a disappointment as he is set to miss out on our clash with the other half of Manchester who lost today against Liverpool. Should be an intriguing game as Ronaldo should be back, Drogba will have more minutes under his belt and our main defenders are out as Vidic for United also was sent off today.

All this excitement must have had an effect on my head tonight as it clearly wasn't screwed on properly. After going out I realised I had forgotten my wallet, I had also left my shoes in the car and finally we were too late to go to cinema. We eventually tried Nando's but fled the scene when nothing really appealed to our bellies. We finally ended up back home with sushi, tika chicken and chocolate eclairs FTW. Well she was happy and it ended up being a cheap night!
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