Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...Image via CrunchBaseWith both the iPhone and the first of the Android phones now on the market I would love to build a blog devoted to the applications released for mobile handsets. No doubt there are many bloggers that see this concept as having a lot of potential as it is a growing market. Mobile communications are the way and this is the dawn of a new era, innovation, creativity and technology have enabled handsets to go beyond previous boundaries and limitations.

To meet modern everyday demands we now expect our phones to do everything. We have read for many years about the end of newspapers but I believe that with the current generation of handsets it's closer than ever to being reality. I make this prediction as my iPhone usage is definitely changing my habits!

I have always picked up a newspaper on my journey to work but lately it sits under my arm whilst I read through my feeds in Google Reader, update my status and chat to my friends. Why should I read yesterdays news when I can find out what is happening now digitally, share it with my friends and eventually when a decent blogging application is released (that I rate) I will be able to write to my blog on the train. The newspaper still gets some love as when on the Underground I can't access 3G but surely this won't be a hurdle for too much longer when the service is made available on the Tube. Maybe we are becoming too dependent on technology but change is inevitable and I embrace what it offers!

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