Monday, September 29, 2008

Flat Note!

Another weekend has passed without me securing a camera, seriously after setting a precedent in 2007 it has gone off the boil this year. Maybe it has something to do with the price of the camera I desire and also because whenever I feel I have some flexibility to purchase the elaborates something always seems to go wrong. It makes it interesting but then again I would like to indulge in the arts of purchasing desirable equipment! This weekend I managed to secure a pair of glasses [see above] that I am going to use solely as an accessory! I was tempted by the giant crayola crayons but they will have to wait for the time being!

This month I figured would be a strong month for money, even with the Car MOT and Tax. How wrong was this presumption as add into the mix a car accident which was nothing more than a brush and tonight I returned to my car to find a flat tyre. Obviously I found the funny side, whilst laughing I changed the tyre in record time and I am sure the Ferrari team watching the replays will have marvelled at my speed and execution. Have to wait until tomorrow to pick up another tyre as it was too late to go tonight!