Monday, September 22, 2008

Eat my shorts!

Bart SimpsonImage via WikipediaMy son has been difficult for his mother lately so I had to go around after work to connect with him and explain how he should behave. I collected him from his mothers and we went for a drive, he figured we were going to my parents but when I told him we weren't he questioned whether we were going to the 'naughty boys home'.

Immediately I responded with a serious tone saying that we were and he got really choked up so I reassured him and said that wouldn't happen. He perked up and started telling me about his day and what he had got up to. After parking up I talked to him about life at home, what bothers him and how he should and shouldn't react to things that bother him.

It's difficult not being there every day as he is a child that thrives on positivity and even though he has a short attention span it's all about keeping him occupied! I see a lot of myself in him and although I don't condone his attitude at times I do relate to his frustrations. He's my little guy and he is only five so I am sure that this will pass!

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