Sunday, January 21, 2007

Indiana Jones can't touch me

That's right Indiana Jones has adventures but mine are a lot more fun, without all the near death experiences. Indiana fella there's getting on it and living on the edge but if your mixing that with nearly dying all the time then that's just plain suicidle. The plan tonight was Venue, or was it OHM, then again I think I was meant to go Bromley or maybe London. If you don't have rock solid plans chances are it's going to change especially if you mix adventures with Vodka. Anyway decided that the starting point would be Barnehurst, I was being so long getting ready but had myself another bottle of Vodka to get ready with haha.

As I got dropped off I saw my friends heading towards the train station, I hop, skipped and jumped up to them and the train pulled into the station. It was full of Ticket Inspectors so a few of my friends stayed off and myself and a few others got on. Already we had become three groups as we walked down the train to the back, others just crashed where they were and the remaining faces were at the disappearing station. My friend didn't have a ticket so we jumped off when the jobs worths collared us all. Our mate hit out with a classic comment, asked where he was going he responded with 'I don't think that's any of your business'. Needless to say we got off at the next station.

First of all had to open a bottle of Wine we had and like McGuiver we made full use of our surroundings. A pen and a hole in the wall managed to do the trick, won't detail how as a magician never reveals his magic. This is where it started getting funny, my friends PR'd last summer in Greece so they switched into buy one get on free mode. My friend started by yelling at these innocents who were looking to start off there night. They ended up with us being offkey. They were safe though as we got on the next train with them and although there were more inspectors they loved us so didn't bother asking for tickets. We jammed it up on the train so much that we attracted Run DMC and he beat box'd for us and we were all dancing. Was so funny and unexpected and we laughed so much that we missed our stop haha.

What next well we decided to rule out Venue and my friends wanted to stay with the train girls where as I chose to head to meet MyFriend, see what I did there. Got to Charing Cross and my friend still with no ticket attempted a stealth move that Indiana would have been proud of by running through the ticket barriers with one of the girls. He was caught haha so whilst waiting I went into the bar and topped up on my liquid levels. When I came out my friends had begun moving on so I headed to Bromley as you do haha.

My journey there was a tonne of fun, I had managed to push up my levels so much that I was taking everyone with me. Got a train from Victoria to Bromley South and I made friends galore. Got talking to this couple who were loving getting involved so much they happily obliged for pictures to be taken. Noticing some happy faces in the background I got others involved. The girl was safe as she allowed me to borrow her magazine and recite some articles to the others on the train. You couldn't make this up could you haha.

After all this finally got to my destination which was a 21st Birthday celebration, bang on and although slightly late it proved to be a well worthwhile journey. Lets see if the next Indiana Jones movie is anywhere near as good haha. Part two of this is my journey home but for that you have to purchase the special edition DVD for the Extras !!