Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Aren't we the organised ones

Normally we seem to leave our plans for the weekend until the Thursday/Friday but this week it appears to be very much different. Instead I have both my Friday and Saturday night sorted, down side is that payday isn't until Tuesday. So normally I would be well on it but going to have to pace it through what's available. And then there is the arguable question, which day should I take more money out on as both nights should be quality.

Got a few days to work that out anyway and looking forward to the weekend. That just leaves several days of work as well which I hope will not drag. I doubt they will as got a lot of 'projects' to keep me busy at the moment . Also already the weeks seem to be picking up speed, I feel like everything is in fast forward. Was talking to my friend on the way home from work and we said already Christmas seems to be a distant memory. Does that mean it's time for a change of routine, I dunno !!