Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Routine Resumed

So it's hi ho and a back to work we go, I feel like I have a hang over from the whole of 2006 not just from New Years Eve and my sisters party last night. Didn't mean to get too on it yesterday what with going back to work but who cares as my sister is only 21 once and I love her and wanted her night to be special. Bang on being the first person to wish her a happy birthday and great almost all of us together getting on it. Was funny seeing my youngest brother feeling the effects of a few drinks. We should have kept a more watchful eye on him as he was on it. I was too busy in Party Boy mode trying to teach my son how to dance which was quality as he was loving it haha. 2006 was a year of mixed emotions but I am heading into 2007 feeling good and with a lot of optimism. Come on !!