Friday, January 05, 2007

Had to happen

No money, 5pm and I get the call. Plans for the night are arranged and my friends are on it. I'm not going to refuse so now instead of a night in it's off to a house party and then maybe on to other places if my friend has free tickets. We will see what the night brings anyway although from the sound of things it sounds like it has the potential to be a random one. Whatever the outcome I have my camera at the ready haha. I was met after work by my friend who said that I looked wrecked so he took a picture of me on the train.

This then started us taken several pictures of how off key we looked on the train to peoples surprise. We then kicked off a tennis tournament with our phones and then moved onto Golf. I changed the language on my phone to Dutch and also switched my accent to sound like a commentator from Holland. Very strange indeed but it made the journey fun, just getting ready to start the proceedings for the first weekend of the year !!