Sunday, January 28, 2007

From this day forth, my name is Clare

If you can figure this out then you definitely deserve a cookie, I think at the moment anyway it's a minority. Finally got my haircut yesterday although it's slightly shorter than usual, upside though is that I actually feel like I am walking faster and cutting through the air at better angles haha. Seems that a few people have taken an over exaggerated opinion about me and MyFriend. We're just chilling... we're friends and that's how we are rolling at the moment.

This is why I am now a Clare as I feel that Joe's have a lot to answer for and I feel for him. He is just a guy on a hook but he wants more now and with a girl tilt I want to show how people can get over their ex's. Are you following, excellent so now that you are all up to speed on that minor technicality I have realised that my fate now lies with the emu's, I like the eclipse as it makes me smile and also that camouflage and war paint wouldn't have come about if it wasn't for Panda's. Keep it real as don't go anywhere as although I am trying to read between the lines this is a whole new drawing. I like art though so the full picture is the WAY.........