Monday, January 08, 2007

It's going Pete Tong

So Celebrity Big Brother is underway and what is it that draws us to these shows, I personally can't be bothered to watch even if people have referred to me as walking and talking like that Donny. We do have one thing in common though and that is neither of us will ever be Rockstars haha. He tries to be Liam Gallagher to much in my opinion but then again I was also guilty of that back in my youth . Oh well maybe I am just in denial haha.

Today at work I felt like I was on form as I seemed to know a lot of the answers to my friends queries they were asking me about. Should have been sitting on a thrown or even better a nest pruning my feathers or scratching my chin like I was some sort of leader haha. Apparently there is going to be bad weather heading our way over the next few days so watch out for tornados. Shame that global warming doesn't change our climate to that of New York as the weather there is on it at the moment and like Summer conditions