Saturday, January 20, 2007

I so need a haircut

Always need something to build on when going out, that's the way I see it anyway otherwise nights can get repetitive. Especially going to the same places, I have had some proper random nights with thinking of a theme. Last night didn't really work out as I had thought it up but it started well haha. Society is obsessed with fame, the model way off life so the night ladies and gentleman was all about the Catalogue pose. Unlikely you will see any catwalk model pulling off what we were trying as we are different class haha. The night started on the journey to the pub as picked up a bottle of vodka and me and my friend necked it. Nothing wrong with binging as it sets the tempo the way I see it...
I so need my haircut at the moment, waiting for payday though haha. Decided to wear my hair down last night and don't think it worked too well as don't think it was working it. Went out with a different crew to usual and they were a good laugh, they run a website and the club we go to are loving them so we all got in free which was a touch. The night seemed to pass well quickly but we were on it and spent the majority of the time on the dance floor making shapes. By this time my theme had gone out the window but I'm sure there will be something to get into tonight. You know I can't help myself so I am going to travel around celebrating birthdays. Was going to head over to Bromely as well for a change later in the night but not sure at the moment. Just sitting in and screwing as Chelsea have lost to Liverpool, it was a well deserved win as well and our makeshift defence were poor. Hopefully Roman will see the crisis now and sort things out as we aren't getting any better and we can't get much worse. Get well soon JT xx