Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I spy with my eye

Is this what it's like to feel sober, just playing as I am not on it that much although the Christmas period was very generous. It's quite busy at work at the moment, with Vista launching at the end of the month as well I am predicting there will be a lot going on for me. My friend at work is currently testing it and at the moment I think he is far from impressed. Was well tired last night and had a lazy night.

Disappointed that Chelsea didn't capitalise on Man Utd dropping points as all that came from Villa was a stalemate 0-0. I am not too bothered though and love that the press and bookies are getting well carried away with it. I have faith in the Blues but it's frustrating but as Frank Lampard states we have been really consistancy over the last few years and it's tough to keep at such high levels all the time. I believe that when Cech, Terry and Robben return it will be a different Chelsea with width and cover that we are lacking at the moment.

I am loving MySpace at the moment so if you are reading this and want to be one of my friends get involved as I hope to one day have as many friends as some fella called Tom haha. My page is coming along I think and unlike some I have come across over recent weeks I don't think it looks a mess, yet. It's getting there and I am borrowing whatever I come across online on other peoples profiles haha !!