Saturday, January 27, 2007

Losing my memory I can deal with, it's when someone takes my marbles that I get confused

Friday was a strange one, can't really remember all the details of the night but everyone seemed to be on it. Was winding people up that they had dropped something on the floor which was comical seeing them search. Come on though, the fifth time on the same person is blatantly pushing it haha.
The good thing about the night was that my sister was out with us. An honourary member of the team haha. She mixed it up though and the girls loved her and where my sister's friends went 'missing' she is looking to come out with us more. My sister was telling me today we were doing some random dancing, I am sorry my dear but this part of the night I forget haha.
Was a well funny night though and there are so many people we know out and about now it's like thery pose ready for a photo when they see us coming haha. Got home reasonably quick and then got a call from MyFriend who I spoke to into the early hours. Not that, that pleased my brother too much, on the phone underneath him he said it was like I was in his bed the noise I was ,making. How little does he know...