Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

My night of drinking started early as I got on it whilst getting ready yesterday afternoon, by the time I got picked up I had worked through about a third of a bottle of Vodka. My children were dropped off around at 6ish yesterday evening and they were in a good mood as they were telling me about their day of bowling and celebrating one of their friends birthdays. Had to try and calm my boy down as he was on it and I didn't want to go out with him in a hyper mood so I settled him down with The Snowman followed by Finding Nemo. He was cracking me up how he was getting so into them and I could see the concentration on his face. Watched a bit of Nemo but had to leave as I was picked up by my friend to go to hers and await a lift from another friend. This is when my body realised how much I had drunk as running down the road was a special moment haha.

All the girls looked stunning and I was a little nervous as I wasn't really looking textbook James Bond. My nerves were dismissed when I walked into the club as there were people dressed to impress but there were those also that were casually dressed. Got into it with the pictures at this point and I've just been asked about why there seems to be an increase in the chest pictures on my site. Rest assured this isn't me taking advantage with the camera but when I look at my pictures the following day they have taken them themselves. If I get anymore pictures I will have to run some kind of top ten haha I am playing I wouldn't do that.

On arriving at the club we were greeted with a glass of champagne which was a good starter and from here I lost track of what I was drinking as there were pitchers, wine glasses and a lot of vodka going around. As there was the casino theme I tried to get involved, one thing though I have absolutely no idea how to gamble properly. I tried twice and then gave all my chips to one of the girls I was with who dropped them haha. Didn't see too many people on it with putting their faces on the Bond characters but this is where we mainly stood so it must have looked like we were guarding it haha.
The new year rolled in as scheduled and it was on us in an instant, a second even, although there didn't appear to be a countdown or anything it was just like Bo, happy New Year. We partied through the night and well had it out. The music was good with some good soulful house being played and upstairs was banging towards the end of the night. Left with 15 minutes to spare as I managed to get us all a lift home which was a touch and no waiting about. I wake to my first messed up head of the year and although this year I hope to still be on it. With the prospects of a house, a car and a pet dragon I need to be more leaning towards saving. That has to be my New Year's resolution or at least spending more wisely haha. Happy New Year everyone x