Thursday, January 11, 2007

I want a robot

Very windy today, walking around the small world which is my journey to and from work I was pratically blown into space haha. After work I settled down to read the London Lite and there were some interesting stories. Reading some of the information coming out of CES 2007, Robots definitely seem to be the way forward. Reading some comments from Bill Gates and this man knows what he is talking about, this is the person that has put a PC in almost every home in the Western world. Not happy with that it's now set for total domination haha.

Microsoft plan to put a robot in every home by developing an operating system for robots. That sounds quality to me and I am loving gadgets so you know I would well be loving some dude hanging out with me. Robotics has been tough to take off and although the movies depict what we hope to be a realisation we are still a long way off. That's why Microsoft have introduced a software tool called Microsoft Robotic Studios. They hope this will encourage developers to solve the problems that have so far been holding them back. To me this isn't much different to the .Net Framework for Windows and more recently XNA which is for development on the Xbox platform.

With the way technology has progressed and how most people have their networks. It appears that a form of Wireless, WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity will allow any Robot being a brain source for the commands. Makes sense to me and I think it will be quality when it reaches a high standard. Things will change considerably over the next few years I believe and we will see a lot of evolution with robotics. I would like to have something like Asimo that Honda have created as I rate that highly, the price is well out of my league but at the rate of change who's to say what will be around the corner.