Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Say it right

Since I have become a Clare my whole outlook on life has changed, it's simply amazing haha. This whole Clare thing is so lost in translation it's cracking me up. Anyway though please pull up a chair and take a seat. First I will start by stating that Nelly Furtado is the way at the moment. Her latest album has smacked it in my opinion and I will definitely be borrowing a copy from somewhere. Check out the song above, as with Clare's this song has a deeper meaning and I think it rocks out haha.

Work was good today although seemed really quiet, what amazes me is that I have one day off and so much seems to have changed. Why does that happen, who were all the new starters?!?! I just let them get on with it, being one of the senior members on my floor I should have taken more notice. Hmmm lets roll that back a little and being one of the SENIOR haha you know it. I will be running the company before long. Watch out my peers, your days at the company are going to become limited haha. Just watching the football at the moment and my friends at work said if they were to concede they would consider leaving. Still 0-0 fellas so all the best in getting your moneys worth x