Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rounding it up

Okay so as I have been a little of the pace with the updates I am going to run through a brief recap of what has occurred in my weekend so far. Friday night was up in the air as I figured when two people make plans that there isn't going to be much that can change as they have to sort it out between them what goes on. So when I am frequently asked 'So what are we doing' I am left scratching my head as I figured we had everything sorted. Anyway as me and my friend both have strong personalities we are going to crash sometimes. I felt like he was talking to me as if he owned me and that I was being belittled so let him know how I felt and then just decided to keep the faith to keep the peace.

Our disagreement took place in a Tesco garage and he was lucky it was not in a weapons shop as a grenade would have come his way not the Mars chocloate egg that I threw at him for him having something of an agenda. Anyway back to this house party we went and there was something up with a few of them that I couldn't quite work out. There was a kind of an atmosphere between us and it was annoying me so I decided to walk home from Orpington. Great move Joe, it was going to be a proper Incredible Journey, much more long winded than when the dog and cats went on their travels in that movie haha.

Luckily for me I received a text from one of my friends and she came to rescue me, feel really bad for you coming to my aid but it's proper appreciated and I am going to knit you a jumper to show my appreciation. Or if you are not feeling that I will bake you a cake in the shape of a car haha...

In my best Big Brother voice; Day two and Joe is in West London watching Chelsea, what a game and although we didn't play particularly well in spells I thought it was a great match. A Frank Lampard hat trick and goals from SWP, Ricky Carvalho and Mikel can't be a bad days work. Even with the visitors getting an equaliser early on to bring the score to 1-1 with a Murphy goal I always felt the game was only going to go one way.

No offence to our opponents but in spells we looked very strong and we could have scored a lot more than six. It was a bad day for them in a lot of ways though as they had their keeper sent off and with no sub keeper they had to put an outfield player in goal. Late in the game as well they were reduced to nine as one of their players picked up an injury and had to come off. A great day out though and an exciting cup tie even though there was some bore behind me complaining every five minutes. I switched places with my mum as he was bothering her and at one point I felt like turning around and telling him to look at the scoreboard but decided against it as didn't want my mum to witness anything go off. Thank you to my brother for sorting this all out for Christmas as it was a good day out.

Last night was another quiet one, went to a snooker club for a little while and then moved on to a friends house in West Kingsdon. Had a few drinks here and spoke about some deep issues and then as it ended up being all couples I moved off and went home, typed up the random message in the early hours and went to sleep haha. I'm now about to watch The Dead Man's Chest again with them and you know I love this movie, just check out my MySpace haha x