Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am still standing

I think whoever pulls my strings from above had it in for me today, won't get right into the fine details but anyway the day started really well at first. Looked out the window and it had been snowing, I love snow I think that it's quality and was hoping it would pick up so that I could take my children out in it after work. Snow round our way had already started to become slippery though as I found when I started my journey to work. Been laughing about my adventures recently but today was offkey. Slid to the shops to pick up my ticket and then all the way to the train station. You can do that if you point your shoes in a certain direction, also wearing Swears has the desired affect as they have no grip.

Okay so onto the train journey and who would have expected that an inch of snow could cause so much disruption. Not London and I was stuck on Trains to work for the best part of two hours. It was tough and I felt like I had actually grown a beard the amount of time it took for the train to move. I get to work and have a headache morning, just couldn't figure out what the issues were as they appeared totally unrelated to previous issues. All good though as love a challenge until I spill my drink over my desk and flood everything, scrambling to shield my phone, PC and laptops. It was at this point I caught a 'glimpse of the future' and my day got so much better.

That was until I was almost at my childrens home when I got ambushed by bullys'. I can't stand people who use Racial motivation and there were six of them stood in a ring clearly drunk and the large one starts by instigating if I was being racist. What's the point as I'm just a casual Joe walking to my kids and then I hear 'Did you just call me a...' I'm thinking hear we go, I am going to get jumped here but the majority weren't interested just this one guy who must have just watched the Rocky Balboa movie. He was off it and not sounded hot headed but when you are that half cut then it's not going to take a rocket scientist to realise what would have been the outcome. So I tell him to stop showing off in front of his friends and lay off the drink a little as he's not proving anything. Not turning my back in case he pulls a knife of something. He does one better, he picks up a crate from outside a store and launches it at me. I have no idea why I didn't just sidestep at this point but I blocked it with my forearm into the road and it's hit by a car. Check me out but I am no Bruce Lee and I felt it and I think the fella then lost interest and went back to his friends and they all started laughing. I'm happy I made their day as well and just moved on as I lost interest as well.

Spent a short time with my children and although I would have liked to stay with them longer, something me and their mother discussed about my direction clearly wasn't received too well. Which leads me to question why people are so judging and also sets up the opportunity for me to drop this tune that I am well feeling at the moment...