Saturday, January 13, 2007

House warming

Haha yesterday was fun, a day in the life of the future. Started drinking at work once we had finished for the day as I had picked up some drink for the night. Got a picture of me taken near a car close to where I work, how smooth do I look as you know the vehicle is a pulling machine haha. After work headed home got ready and onto a house party, we arrived and I knew nobody really but once introduced I set about spreading the word. A question would be put to me asking where I am from and the inevitable response being 'I am from the future'.
Was comical and after finishing my vodka andswitching from Rum to Rose it was a case of how loud could I get and how far into the future I could go haha. Eventually made it home some how and I have been looking back on Chelsea and Mourinho (hence the love post below) and missing the likes of Duffer, Eidur and Willie to name a few. I name them as watching the Chelsea Barcelona game (you know the one I mean) they made that game. Speaking to my friend today that match is legend and I believe on that night we would have beaten any team in history. I am happy to be able to say that, I was there...